Bombadil to play bicentennial park Friday

Bombadil - 2013

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Quirky four-piece, and an emerging critical darling, Bombadil will be appearing in New Albany Friday, as part of the city’s bicentennial park concert series.

The North Carolina-based four piece is touring on the back of its latest album, “Metrics of Affection,” which was released in July.

Described by critics as a “combination of open-minded chamber folk and the bright and sunny pop music of the 1960s,” the band was almost finished for good a few years ago.

Bombadil’s pianist and bassist, Daniel Michalak suffered nerve damage in his hands, making it impossible for him to continue to play and tour. At the time, the group was touring after it released their full-length 2009 album “Tarpits and Canyonlands.”

The band’s members moved on, with Stuart Robinson, piano and ukulele, leaving to pursue a medical degree, James Philips, drums, and Bryan Rahija, guitar, going their separate ways.

With Michalak’s condition having improved, the band eventually reunited and was able to start recording music and begin touring again.

The origin of the band’s name also helps to describe its unusual sound. Bombadil is named after an obscure character in the Tolkien universe, whose music tells tales of loneliness, heartache, awkwardness, puppy love, suicide and murder-by-drowning, according to a press release from the band.

The folk-pop group will bring its sound to New Albany’s bicentennial park 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23.

All of the shows being hosted as part of the concert series are free of charge.


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