The Sundresses want to make you dance: trio to play Dillinger’s Friday



It’s good old-fashioned rock-and-roll – with some punk influence and maybe a little bit of swing. Or you can just decide for yourself.

The only goal The Sundresses really have is to entertain.

“It’s just so much fun to have a room full of strangers dance,” said Makenzie Place, bassist for the Cincinnati-based trio.

And although the group has been making music for more than a decade, they often play to those smaller rooms full of strangers, having not yet reached a large audience.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t received their share of acclaim, or left the smaller venues with a new, intimate group of fans.

In only their ninth out-of-town show, the trio played the 2004 South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, according to their website. After that, they played four consecutive SXSW festivals.

That’s great exposure for a band that started out in 2002 as a lark.

Place said the band formed as Brad Schnittger and J. Remy Springer were playing in bands for one another and decided to form their own group. Both play guitar, drums and sing, so the only thing they were looking for was a bassist.

After searching for a bassist and having no luck, Place – a high school marching band trombonist — said she would join the band and play bass.

“I thought sh*t, I could do it and I did,” she said.

Without much practice, two drummer/guitarists and a first-time bassist hit the stage.

“It looked terrible on paper, but it worked somehow,” Place said.

A year after, they formed The Sundresses put out their first self-produced, full-length album, “The Only Tourist In Town.”

Along with a few special releases and EPs The Sundresses put out “Barkinghaus” in 2008, their last full-length release.

The trio is the midst of putting the finishing touches on a new album that should be out soon.

Place said there is not a definitive date for the new record to hit shelves and the group hasn’t decided whether or not the album will be self-released.

On their upcoming album, audiences should expect the songs to be a little less political and a little more accessible.

“The philosophy of the band changed,” Place said.

She said instead of trying to write the greatest songs ever, the band is writing for something that everybody likes.

“It’s not a goal, it’s just what’s been happening,” Place said. “It just kind of happened that we’re a little less political.”

She said part of the change may be that the trio has grown up a bit which has slightly shifted their focus. All three band members are in their early 30s.

“We’re grownups with mortgages and babies and stuff,” Place said.

She said the forthcoming album will be more traditional rock-and-roll songs about life and love.

And however you describe it doesn’t make a difference to Place.

“I think it’s the true meaning of rock-and-roll,” she said, when asked to describe their sound. “You can dance to it, it has a big back-beat.”

But instead of lumping themselves in a specific genre – there is a dearth of self-description by the band — they prefer to let the audience decide.

“As artists, it’s just subjective,” Place said. “It’s more about the listener than it is about us. We’d rather hear what somebody else has to say.”

Find out what you think of the band and what they have to say at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Feb, 1 at Dillinger’s, 203 E. Main St. in New Albany.

The show is 21 and older.


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