Benefit show to be held at Diamond’s Pub in Louisville

Diamond’s Pub and Billiards will host the inaugural benefit for the Thumbs Up for Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation.

A concert featuring a slew of artists will start at 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12 at Diamond’s Pub and Billiards, 630 Barret Avenue, in Louisville.

Kentucky native Lane Goodwin gained worldwide attention with a movement to give Lane a thumbs up during his final days of battling cancer. Before his death in October the Thumbs Up For Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation was established to raise money to find a cure for childhood cancers.

The foundation is thrilled to be a part of an event in Louisville that will provide Lane’s local supporters with an opportunity to be a part of spreading awareness and finding a cure.

The show is for those 18-years-old and older and features Code Red, Chase Allen, and American Idol favorite Cameron Jayne with Billy.Jack.Skillet & Vitamin G.

The lineup also includes Signal the Revolution, Manfred, Two Pump Chump, Craig Newman, and ZOO KINGS.

Entry to the event is a $10 minimum donation to the foundation. Tickets can be purchased at the door or prior to the event at

The benefit will also include a blind auction and t-shirt sales.



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