Tame Impala should be no loner


Tame Impala impress in their second album, treading the fine line between losing their audience in psychedelia and keeping them connected to real rock roots.

The Australian group was thrown onto the music scene as a critical favorite following the release of their debut album “Innerspeaker” in 2010, which received various accolades including a “Rolling Stone” award for album of the year.

Kevin Parker the driving force of the group, joined by Jay Watson, fully embraced the dreamy, psychedelic rock sound in their second full-length release.

“Lonerism” matches “Innerspeaker” in its feel and tone, but the 14-track album (with bonus tracks included) can drag on at points, overwhelming with tertiary noise.

Sometimes less is more, and on occasion with layers upon layers of sound, a track is swallowed up in the background noise as evidenced on “Be Above It.”

Record rating: 7.8 out of 10.

But the dreamy state of the flitty, alt-rock only goes astray on occasion.

More often than not Tame Impala keeps its direction and focus, it keeps the listener from drifting off in the ether of synthesizers –the type of sound that generally dominates psychedelic rock– and it keeps the audience grounded in the familiar with a genuine rock backbone.

“Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control” typifies the reach outside of the norm into experimental, while keeping the audience tethered to something they’ve heard before.

It helps that while cultivating an original sound Tame Impala will remind listeners of The Beatles “psychedelic phase,” in which experimentation was still grounded in blues and pop-rock.

The best track on the album “Why Won’t They Talk to Me?” takes that model of ambient sound and carries the track through to its end with a driving drum beat.

If you want to drift away in experimental rock, but still be able to find your way back, “Lonerism” should satisfy.

Record rating: 7.8 out of 10


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