Artfully Crafted: Indie rockers Built to Spill in Louisville Saturday


Headliner’s Music Hall has had a busy few weeks.

This weekend it continues as the Louisville music venue hosts three shows, on three nights, with Saturday being highlighted by indie rockers Built to Spill.

The group, which features founder, frontman and guitarist Doug Martsch, bassist Brett Nelson, drummer Scott Plouf, guitarist Jim Roth and guitarist Brett Netson, has been touring in support of its 2009 release “There is no Enemy.”

Touring nearly three years after the group’s most recent full-length album is not uncommon for a band that takes its time –it took three-and-a-half years to write and record the album, according to the band’s website.

They’re not known to crank out an album each year, as Martsch is more likely to focus on the detail put into each song, include layers and layers of sounds and turn out carefully crafted, intricate album.

But Built to Spill has certainly churned out its share of music since the group formed 20 years ago.

Through multiple compilations, numerous tours and the bands seven studio albums, being at the front of the indie rock scene has earned the group a large and devoted legion of fans.

There is no doubt there will be a large audience that heads to Headliners on Saturday to hear the songs they have connected with over the years and to be lead through the guitar-driven rock so artfully crafted.

Expect the reserved rock star, Martsch, to hold back in showmanship, but to knock the audience over with what he and his bandmates have been working to perfect for two decades.


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