Forecastle Festival X: Day two

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Photos by C. Michael Stewart


Saturday’s Forecastle Festival –the second day of the three-day event— was delayed when thunderstorms rolled through the area earlier in the afternoon.

But the minor delay didn’t dampen the spirits of the audiences, nor did it keep any bands from taking the stage.

Boom goes from mellow to funky

Forecastle’s west Boom stage again started the day in the late afternoon with mellow, euphonious sounds.

This time it was New Jersey-based indie rock band Real Estate that got the late-afternoon crowds bopping.

Real Estate was followed by professional show band Galactic. The New Orleans, funk and jazz band is the epitome of a live show band. They were full of energy and within moments they had the crowd jumping, hooting and hollering.

Not doggin’ it

Like the day’s start, Dr. Dog was delayed slightly, but once the Philly rockers took the Mast stage they didn’t stop jamming until their set had finished.

The group that blends a jam-rock with a little bit of grit put on one of the best show of the festival to-date.

Saturday’s stars

Since the announcement of the tenth anniversary festival, it has all been leading to Saturday night’s headliner.

The moment that had been ten years in planning for festival organizers did not disappoint when the city’s hometown band My Morning Jacket hit the stage.

The two-and-a-half hour set with a slew of special guests started when the Preservation Hall Jazz Band joining the group on “Holding on to Black Metal.”

Other artists to jump on stage included Johnny Quaid –for multiple songs– and Andrew Bird.

At each point during the set when the group began to ease the pace, they would rejuvenate the audience by kicking it back into gear.

In the middle of their show the band played an exceptional version of  “Out of my System” followed up by a cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

After a brief break, My Morning Jacket came out for an encore and a few songs in they showed they had a sense of humor by playing Wham!’s “Careless Whisper.” They even took a humming refrain to introduce George Michael’s request –a la Jim James’ impression—to ensure the audience was eating their bananas, heaving bushels of the fruit into the crowd.

To close the show one big crowd joined My Morning Jacket on stage for “One Big Holiday.” The Forecastle Festival’s mascots helped provide a rocking end to the evening put a capper on the premiere moment of the tenth anniversary festival.


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