Moving on at Mom’s


JEFFERSONVILLE – A year ago, a walk through Mom’s Music in Jeffersonville might have caused the local music community some worry.

The front showroom of the business, at 1710 East 10th Street, was empty. And owner Mark Maxwell, 45, and his wife Angie, 46, were striking out on their own, essentially separating themselves from the family business of the same name – located on Mellwood Avenue in Louisville.

Mom's Music owner Mark Maxwell listens to a rehearsal by the Hi-tops at Mom's.
Staff Photo by C.E. Branham

A year removed from that big step, plenty of things have changed but the business remains.

The most noticeable transformation is that the Jazzercise studio which Angie has ran in the back of the building for the last 13 years is now located in what used to be the front showroom. That’s given her franchise a storefront for the first time. In the coming weeks the big Mom’s Music sign on the front of the building will be replaced with Jazzercise signage.

The music store, called Mom’s School of Music now, occupies the space behind the Jazzercise studio. Though plenty of guitars, basses, amps and other equipment line the walls, the business has made a definate leap from retail to instruction since the Maxwells struck out on their own.

Mark said, despite the changes, both the businesses have been doing well.

The building, formerly a four-plex movie theater, has several private lesson rooms, which get quite a bit of use in the average week. Fourteen musical instructors give lessons out of the facility.

“At 3 p.m. everyday to 9 p.m. at night it’s crazy in here,” he said.

Further, one of the old theaters has been converted into a band instruction room, which allows him to work with area bands on their stage shows – focusing on song transitions, stage banter and other aspects.

Currently, he said, he coaches about 11 local bands on a weekly basis.

“You go see a big show and you wonder how it got to that point, they have rehearsed their show to the point where they know everything that’s going to happen.”

Mark said the music instruction and Jazzercise businesses work well together, as a lot of mom’s who are dropping off their kids for music lessons will stick around for the Jazzercising.

Angie said moving her studio to the front of the building, a move which took place in the last month or so, has given her business more visibility.

She has about 300 clients which participate in 32 classes per week. The business offers not only aerobic dance workout but also strength training workshops and other fitness programs.

“It was a pretty scarey move because we’ve always been a part of the family business,” said Angie. “It’s been pretty exciting to watch.”


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