Review: “Be The Void,” Dr. Dog

For the past few years, a band of seemingly pleasant Pennsylvanians called Dr. Dog have provided the soundtrack to some of the most important moments in my life.

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

Record Rating 6.9 of 10

But I will divulge that “The Breeze,” a track off their 2008 effort “Fate,” was quite high on my wedding playlist. And there was a time shortly after I got that album when the band nary went a week without at least a play from me.

Their past efforts have had this sometimes graceful, sometimes clunky, always fitting excellence about them. So when I got a copy of their latest album, “Be The Void,” I was thrilled. In my hands was a set of 12 new songs with which to fall in love.

Or at least, so I’d hoped. Unfortunately, however, that’s not been the case thus far.

While I enjoyed every track, I feel like the band has moved away from the depth that I initially found so gripping about them. They’ve never been particularly bleak but the songs on “Be The Void,” feel a bit bouncier than I expected.

“The Old Black Hole,” is a good example. It’s upbeat, buoyant and catchy but feels uninspired.

Less sunny tracks like, “Vampire,” have a little bit more emotion behind them but aren’t that moving either.

I don’t mean to say the album is completely without its moments.

“Warrior Man”  features this great cadence beneath the line “I am the ancient warrior man and I hail from the ancient warrior clan.”

“Turning the Century,” the closing track on the record, was also a favorite for me.

Considering how much I like the band, I’m positive that I’ll play the album over and over again during the next few months. I can only hope the tunes grow on me during one of those spins.

— David A. Mann


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