VHS or Beta back in Louisville Friday

LOUISVILLE — Electronic two-piece VHS or Beta is making a Thanksgiving trip back to Louisville from their Brooklyn, N.Y., digs.
The pair — Mark Palgy and Craig Pfunder — will play Headliners Music Hall, 1386 Lexington Road tonight. The Photographic and OK Deejays will open.
VHS or Beta got its start in Louisville in 1997 as a five-piece and has released four albums since. Their latest effort, “Diamonds and Death,” was released in September as a follow up to 2007’s “Bring On The Comets.”
Through location and lineup changes in the last few years, their sound has evolved in a way that has taken its electronic influence from a side dish to the main course. Tracks on “Diamonds and Death” are loaded with dance beats, echo effects and thumping rhythms.
“My favorite track is ‘Everybody,’” said Palgy. “We wrote it and recorded it in one week — which is the fastest we’ve ever done a song from start to finish.”
“There wasn’t a conscious decision to depart from guitar for this record, but sonically, the sounds that were really exciting us were a lot of synthesizers,” said Pfunder
It’s their first release since moving from Louisville.
“New York makes you more competitive and humbles you a bunch, which indirectly affects your music,” Pfunder said.
The record is also their first effort as a two-piece. Palgy said some of it was written in different cities via email.  A few songs began life in Louisville — most notably “I Found A Reason” — but the majority of the album was written and recorded after both had settled in Brooklyn.
“We pushed our boundaries further with this one,” said Pfunder. “Whereas the last record was all about three-minute pop songs, this time we thought, ‘Let’s make them six minutes.’ Keep that pop feel, but pick something in the middle and stretch it out longer than we might have done in the past.”
Doors for today’s show open at 9 p.m. tickets are $10 in advance. The show will be their first in Louisville since 2008.


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