Review: “Mylo Xyloto,” by Coldplay

“Mylo Xyloto” is everything you remember liking about a Coldplay album.

The music is big and dramatic. The lyrics tell snippets of what you have to believe are important stories. And the choruses are catchy and always make you want to push the radio volume upward.

Record Rating: 6.5 of 10

“Paradise,” the album’s first single, is a fine example. Frontman Chris Martin’s gleaming vocals are backed by thick layers of harmony, synthesizers, occasional guitar riffs and piano keys that are all set atop a catchy beat worthy of air drumming.

More sedate tracks like “Us Against the World,” or “U.F.O.” are standouts on the album and offer a respite from the band’s signature sound.

However, while there is plenty to like, I worry about what “Mylo Xyloto” will become.

Coldplay crafts its sound in a way that colors the otherwise vapid culture of mainstream pop music. But they’re arguably the world’s biggest band and their last effort, 2008’s “Viva La Vida,” reached a repugnant level of saturation.

How many sappy television and film moments did that record provide a soundtrack to? And then there was that EP of leftovers that was about as necessary as their iTunes TV commercials.

When I first started hearing “Mylo Xyloto” was on its way, I decided to make no effort to seek out a copy. I knew it would surely find me eventually. Then one day not too long ago they were doing Good Morning America. And a few days after that they were on my favorite radio station.

I can’t say I can blame the band for creating music that so many people love. But, being as I’m a milligram away from an overdose, I wish they would have waited another year to put this one out.

— David A. Mann


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