Review: “In the Pit of the Stomach,” We Were Promised Jetpacks

A sophomore effort from an emerging band is often used as a measuring stick for whether their career will be an ultimate success or whether the band will fade into mediocrity.

Record Rating: 7.3 of 10

We Were Promised Jetpacks’ second full album, “In the Pit of the Stomach,” shows the signs of success.

The Scottish group released the album in October, following up on its 2009 debut, “These Four Walls.”

Although the group –Adam Thompson (vocals, guitar), Michael Palmer (guitar), Sean Smith (bass) and Darren Lackie (drums)– is pegged in the ever-expanding indie rock category, there is a clear punk influence to their sound.

Many indie-punk rock fans in the states might be tempted to compare We Were Promised Jetpacks to fellow United Kingdom imports Arctic Monkeys. But that would be like comparing the English –Arctic Monkeys– to the Scottish. Sure they both put out albums in 2011 and clearly have been influenced by punk predecessors, but Jetpacks is lighter on the furious punk pace and sounds more like a straight rock album.

They still rely heavily on the high energy of a distorted guitar and bass drum to drive the music, often building up to a rocking crescendo.

Tempering the pace is Thompson’s steady Scottish brogue, highlighted in the albums’ first track “Circles and Squares” and its last track “Human Error” (minus the available bonus tracks depending on where you buy the album).

Overall, “In the Pit of the Stomach” is a solid rock album from across the pond.

Braden Lammers


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One Response to Review: “In the Pit of the Stomach,” We Were Promised Jetpacks

  1. Wendy says:

    great review, this is a fantastic band I saw them in concert 2 weeks ago. Also featured them on my music around the world blog

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