Mellencamp plays Louisville Sunday

It’s not exactly a homecoming but it’s pretty darn close.

Legendary rocker and Hoosier John Mellencamp is set to play Louisville’s Palace Theater on Sunday night.

Mellencamp, originally from Seymour Indiana, has been spinning rock yarns about American life since getting his start in 1976, under the name Johnny Cougar. His management thought the name was more marketable but he eventually reclaimed his birth name.

After releasing a few albums, he broke out in 1979 with his first hit, “I Need A Lover.” A few years later, in 1982, his fifth album “American Fool” was the year’s best-selling album on the strength of two hits, “Hurts So Good,” and the No. 1 single “Jack & Diane,”

A string of hits followed.

In 1985, John’s concern for the plight of the American farmer, which had been voiced in the “Scarecrow” album, brought him together with Willie Nelson and Neil Young in launching Farm Aid. It became an annual event and has helped make people aware of the issues farmers face and how they affect on the entire nation ever since.

By the early 1990’s “Cougar” was finally dropped altogether and he released several albums ? including “Dance Naked,” which featured the No. 2 single “Wild Night.”

In 2008, Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Since then, his stripped down 2010 effort, “No Better Than This” has won critical acclaim.

Mellencamp continues to live and work in Bloomington. Sunday’s show starts at 8:20, tickets start at $55 and can be found via


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