Pixies don’t forget Louisville this time around

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Boston’s the Pixies released a string of critically acclaimed albums that inspired a generation.

But within a span of a few years, and just as fellow alternative rockers like Nirvana were changing things even further, the group abruptly disbanded.

Singer guitarist Frank Black launched a  solo career. Guitarist Joey Santiago did session work and got into scoring television and film projects. Bass and fellow singer Kim Deal put together the Breeders. And drummer Dave Lovering gave up music entirely.

And all of the above happened before Louisville ever got a chance to host the acclaimed group. Fortunately that changes next week, as the Derby City is the next stop on the Pixies “Lost Cities Tour.”

The band plays at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Louisville Palace. Surfer Blood, a more contemporary indie set that just released a new record, will open. Tickets go from $42.50 to $49.50.

The tour is hitting cities that the band had never visited across the U.S.

The Pixies have actually been touring together again since 2004. Their return was documented in a film called “Pixies Sell Out,” a DVD that captures the greatest shows from their reunion tour.

The comeback began with a burst of confusion and contradiction. Reactions within the band, for example, were hardly consistent when word spread that Black wanted to put the act back together.

“I was elated,” said Lovering.

“I dreaded it,” said Deal. “I just hoped it would go away.”

Black apparently let everybody know what was on his mind in an interview with London’s XFM Radio in the summer of 2003 when he mused about his dreams of getting the Pixies together again. He even sweetened the bait by revealing that they still hooked up now and then to jam, though “not for public consumption.”

“Well,” Black says, coming clean at last, “we never actually jammed or anything. I was sort of stealing a quote from George Harrison, who said, when asked about his band’s much anticipated reunion, ‘Hey, if we all got together and jammed in the living room, you guys in the press wouldn’t even know about it.’ So I was being completely sarcastic, and the next day it was in The New York Post. It was like the cat that was never actually in the bag was out of the bag anyway.”

The 2004 tour caught on from there. And the “Lost Cities” tour was announced in July. The band hits Louisville, Knoxville, Tenn., and North Charlestown, S.C., before heading west.

There’s a free live EP on their website pixiesmusic.com.


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