A great week of concerts ahead

By Shea Van Hoy

My two favorite forms of entertainment are live music and baseball. And since my Houston Astros were the worst team in the majors this year … well, there’s still music at least.

In between watching some of the World Series in the next week, I’ll be in concert heaven in Louisville. Thursday night finds New York City dream-popsters Asobi Seksu at Zanzabar, one of my favorite venues for its intimate concert setup. On Friday, myself and fellow News and Tribune music nuts David A. Mann and Daniel Suddeath will hit Headliners for The Black Angels — Austin, Texas, purveyors of psychedelic rock.

Next week, Zanzabar will host a great pop show, with L.A.-based Army Navy and Chicago’s Santah.

Here’s a bit more about each show:

Asobi Seksu with White Tiger and She Might Bite

9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, Zanzabar; $7; zanzabarlouisville.coml[1]

Asobi Seksu — which is singer/keyboarist Yuki Chikudate and guitarist/singer James Hanna supported by studio and touring musicians — released its fifth album, “Fluorescence,” in February.

It’s a further move toward pop and away from the band’s shoegaze origins when it formed in 2001.

Still, expect a wall of feedback if you check out the show, and a lot of style from the band.

The Black Angels with Dead Meadow and Spindrift

314595_10150479547337542_16494502541_11109783_1993129207_n[1]9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, Headliners Music Hall; $17; headlinerslouisville.com.

Fantastic, spacey, droney, dreary Austin, Texas, rockers The Black Angels will greet fans of moody, psychedelic rock as a make-up show of sorts, as the band had to cancel a previous Headliners gig because of a medical issue.

The band got quite a bit of airplay on WFPK for its snappy, two-minute tune, “Telephone,” but that’s far from representative of most of its catalog. Expect slow riffs and ominous tones — and a really good live band.

Dead Meadow — a Washington D.C. band that has been around years longer than The Black Angels — and Spindrift open the show.

Army Navy with Santah and Local Villains

9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, Zanzabar; $5; zanzabarlouisville.com

Both Army Navy and Santah are recent discoveries for me, and, for that, I’m very thankful.

“The Last Place,” the new album from Army Navy is pop-rock bliss — punchy, melodic songs with huge choruses. They remind me of some of the better songs from glossy radio rock bands of the 1990s. “The Last Place” is one of those instant-like albums.

In the past week, I’ve been listening to “White Noise Bed” From Santah on Spotify and it’s growing on me. The band seems to implement the better parts of the Walkmen, but with perhaps a more straightforward approach than that band.

For $5, this show is going to be a steal.


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