Review: “Nappy Dot Org,” Nappy Roots

Nappy Roots’ first major release, 2002’s “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz,” landed in my CD player at a distinct time in my life, as I was just starting to realize how much great music came from this region. They sucked me in with catchy hooks about fried food, delivered in a

"Nappy Dot Org," by Nappy Roots

Record Rating: 4.7 of 10

regional vernacular that I could more than understand (not to mention an obsession with ver-tic-cal grills that I so deeply wanted to understand.)

On “Nappy Dot Org” – their latest record, released Oct. 11 – the Bowling Green, Ky. hip-hoppers show off emotion but not the kind you remember them for.

The album’s opening track, “Legend Lives On” is boastful, yet so subdued you don’t believe it. A track like “Good & Evil” is more upbeat, but not in a pleasant way. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the sort of contrived bounciness you’d find on a Black Eyed Peas record, rather than the authenticity that made Nappy Roots a favorite so many years ago.

I’ll always root for the Nappy Roots. I feel like I share at least some small slice of their worldview because so much of what they rap about is wrapped up in my home state. But almost a decade after their breakthrough, it seems they’re having a hard time finding that magic that brought them to prominence.

David A. Mann


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