New This Week: Wilco, Mastodon, Matthew Sweet



Whenever I see that an album has a 12-minute final track my mind goes to one thing: A hidden song. The dumbFile:TheWholeLove.JPGest gimmick ever to be burnt out 15 years ago. Eyes, prepare for some hard rolling.  But in the case of alt-country mainstays Wilco that final bit is nothing more than a beautifully long, somber ballad about Sunday mornings. The song is a capper on one of their best efforts in years, “The Whole Love.”

The band’s experimental nature is reflected on tracks like “Sunloathe.” While its roots are more exposed with a song like, “Dawned on Me”  — which immediately follows.

Of course, being critically kind to Wilco is not exactly taking a risk. It’s won over plenty of critics and fans alike. While I never skipped a Wilco album, I have always – or at least since 2002’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” – considered them to be overrated. “The Whole Love” proves that a band that’s been around for nearly 20 years can still win over a few new believers.


“THE HUNTER,” Mastodon

File:Mastodon-The Hunter.jpg

Music for metal heads, especially those who like outstanding album art.


“MODERN ART,” Matthew Sweet



Power popper, more mellow Joe Jackson.


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